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Russian anti- missionary laws at work in Crimea- what Ukraine will experience under Russian occupation.
Putin’s Islamic Jihad
Russians Evangelical Fined
Defending the Papacy 
Scholars, activists brief lawmakers.... 
Revelation and the Papacy
Evangelical Collapse? 
How some Churches
The urgent need for biblical governance
The Supreme Court Just Fused Church and State — and It Has Even Uglier Plans Ahead
We need to rethink the relationship between the Church and the state
Catholic Master Theologian Still Influences Protestant Churches
The Daily Beast The Word ‘Homosexual’ Is in the Bible by Mistake: The Explosive Documentary That Is Under AttackSBC committee delays decision on whether to expel...
Pastor warns SBC against using 'politics,' 'social justice' or 'music' to grow churches
'Disinformation Governance' or Freedom to Seek the Truth?
Christian leaders and controversies: The case of Francis Collins
Transhumanism: Marching Towards The Mark Of The Beast
Have Our Spiritual Shepherds Become Wolves? Pastors Abandon Biblical Worldview
An 'imposter Christianity' is threatening American democracy - Sept 3rd 2022
Constitutional Amendment: A Turning Point for America - Sept10 2022
Christian Nationalism Drove These People Out of Their Churches - Sept 17th 2022
Is the Church ready for Trump 2024? - Sept 24th 2022 
Republicans' next big play is to 'scare the hell out of Washington' by rewriting the  Constitution. And they're willing to play the long game to win - Oct 1st 2022
Opinion | The Supreme Court Wants to End the Separation of Church and State - Oct 8th 2022
Political Power of Roman Catholic Bishops - Oct 15th 2022
The Subtle Inroads of Scholasticism - Oct 22nd 2022
Opinion: 'Replacement theory' and the danger of mixing religion and nationalism - Oct 29th, 2022
The American right’s future involves waging a 'religious battle' against the left, leaders say at a conservative conference Allan Smith - Nov 5th 2022 
Is God punishing the United States of America? - Nov 12th 2022 
Most Americans don't view the Bible as primary determinant of right and wrong: study - Nov 26, 2022
Christians 'became obsessed with politics': Michael Brown warns Jan. 6 'hurt our cause deeply' - Dec 10, 2022 
The Daily Beast The Word ‘Homosexual’ Is in the Bible by Mistake: The Explosive Documentary That Is Under Attack - Dec 17, 2022 
A conservative scholar looks to define — and defeat — 'Christian nationalism' - Dec 24, 2022 
Jonathan Cahn Reveals an Ancient Mystery Behind America's Political Turmoil - Dec 31, 2022
'It could happen tomorrow': Experts know disaster upon disaster looms for West Coast - Jan 7, 2023
You'd Better Watch Out: The Surveillance State Is Making a List and You're On It - Jan 14, 2023 
Scientists use new dating technique to analyze historical accuracy of Old Testament battles - Jan 21, 2023
Barna: US may be 'beyond point of no return' if politicians don't stop restructuring system for own benefit - Jan 28, 2023
Documentary filmmaker claims word translated as 'homosexual' in the Bible is a mistake - Feb 4, 2023
Former DOE Official Warns: Expect Christian Universities to be Targeted - Feb 11, 2023
Homophobic and transphobic agendas are not supported by the Bible: Opinion - Feb 18, 2023
Sunday Laws A lurking danger - Feb 25, 2023
15 Stories By Black People About The Turning Point That Made Them Leave Christianity - Mar 4, 2023
Democrat Senator Wants To See Children Protected From Vacation Bible School - Mar 11, 2023
We cannot walk with you unless you repent,’ African archbishops tell Church of England - Mar 18, 2023
The Christian Nationalist Machine Turning Hate Into Law - Mar 25, 2023
UK Punishes 'Thought Crime' Of Praying Silently At Abortion Facilities - Apr 1, 2023
Pope Francis says 'gender ideology' is 'one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations' - Apr 8, 2023
Holy Spirit Moving Mightily at Secular Black Colleges - Apr 15, 2023
Jewish groups defend Christian postal worker at center of Supreme Court sabbath case - Apr 22, 2023

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