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December 07, 2016

The Catholic Mirror continued its look at the subject “The Christian Sabbath” in its September 9, 1893 publication. The first publication on the subject dated September 2, 1893 dealt at length with the fact that there is no Biblical basis for the keeping of Sunday as the Lord’s Day. The writer established the fact that the Jews and the Seventh Day Adventists both embrace the Saturday Sabbath. Here is how the September 9, 1893 edition continues.

“Conformably to our promise in our last issue, we proceed to unmask one of the most flagrant errors and most unpardonable inconsistencies of the Biblical rule of faith. Lest, however, we be misunderstood, we deem it necessary to premise that Protestantism recognizes no rule of faith, no teacher, save the "infallible Bible." As the Catholic yields his judgment in spiritual matters implicitly, and with the unreserved confidence, to the voice of his church, so, too, the Protestant recognizes no teacher but the Bible. All his spirituality is derived from its teachings. It is to him the voice of God addressing him through his sole inspired teacher. It embodies his religion, his faith, and his practice.” The Catholic Mirror, “The Christian Sabbath,” Sept. 9, 1893

Now the writer of the Catholic Mirror begins to look at the Biblical evidence regarding the Sabbath. Let me remind you that this is “The Catholic Mirror.”

“Recognizing what is undeniable, the fact of a direct contradiction between the teaching and practice of Protestant Christianity — the Seventh-day Adventists excepted — on the one hand, and that of the Jewish people on the other, both observing different days of the week for the worship of God, we will proceed to take the testimony of the teacher common to both claimants, the Bible. The first expression with which we come in contact in the Sacred Word, is found in Gen., 2d chapter, 2d verse "And on the seventh day He (God) rested from all His work which He had made. The next reference to this matter is to be found in Exodus 20, where God commanded the seventh day to be kept, because He had himself rested from the work of creation on that day; and the sacred text informs us that for that reason He desired it kept, in the following words; "wherefore, the Lord blessed the seventh day and sanctified it." Again we read in 31st chapter, 15th verse: "Six days you shall do work; in the seventh day is the Sabbath, the rest holy to the Lord;" sixteenth verse: "it is an everlasting covenant," "and a perpetual sign," "for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and in the seventh He ceased from work."" The Catholic Mirror, “The Christian Sabbath,” Sept. 9, 1893

I certainly feel the need to, as often as possible, remind you that this is the Catholic Mirror speaking. The clarity of their position should not be overlooked, given the fact that they are making the point that the position held by Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists excepted, is flawed. I cannot imagine an Israelite or an Adventist presenting a more thorough argument than is here given. The presentation continues:

“In the Old Testament, reference is made one hundred and twenty-six times to the Sabbath, and all these texts conspire harmoniously in voicing the will of God commanding the seventh day to be kept, because God Himself first kept it, making it obligatory on all as "a perpetual covenant." Nor can we imagine any one foolhardy enough to question the identity of Saturday with the Sabbath or seventh day, seeing that the people of Israel have been keeping the Saturday from the giving of the law, A.M. 2514 to A.D. 1893, a period of 3383 years. With the example of the Israelites before our eyes today, there is no historical fact better established than that referred to; viz., that the chosen people of God, the guardians of the Old Testament, the living representatives of the only divine religion hitherto, had for a period of 1490 years anterior to Christianity, preserved the weekly practice the living tradition of the correct interpretation of the special day of the week, Saturday, to be kept "holy to the Lord," The Catholic Mirror, “The Christian Sabbath,” Sept. 9, 1893

Having made the point in the above paragraph, for no other purpose but emphasis, the point is repeated.

“We deem it necessary to be perfectly clear on this point, for reasons that will appear more fully hereafter. The Bible — the Old Testament — confirmed by the living tradition of a weekly practice for 3383 years by the chosen people of God, teaches, then, with absolute certainty, that God had, Himself, named the day to be "kept holy to Him",— that the day was Saturday, and that any violation of that command was punishable with death. "Keep you My Sabbath, for it is holy unto you; he that shall profane it shall be put to death; he that shall do any work in it, his soul shall perish in the midst of his people." Ex 31: 14” The Catholic Mirror, “The Christian Sabbath,” Sept. 9, 1893

The clarity of the point made is beyond refutation. The source of the argument being made is also beyond any doubt. The question is then, where does the argument lead? Notice how the writer transitions:

“Having secured the absolute certainty the will of God as regards the day to be kept holy, from His Sacred Word, because He rested on that day, which day is confirmed to us by the practice of His chosen people for thousands of years, we are naturally induced to inquire when and where God changed the day for His worship; for it is patent to the world that a change of day has taken place, and inasmuch as no indication of such change can be found within the pages of the Old Testament, nor in the practice of the Jewish people who continue for nearly nineteen centuries of Christianity obeying the written command, we must look to the exponent of the Christian dispensation; viz., the New Testament, for the command of God canceling the old Sabbath, Saturday.” The Catholic Mirror, “The Christian Sabbath,” Sept. 9, 1893

We will continue to look at the argument being made in our next editorial.

Cameron A. Bowen

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