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It seems incredibly easy for people today to ignore events that are most threatening to everyone’s present and future. Distraction is built in to the very fabric and seam of society, until the idea of catastrophe has been relegated to improbable theory. The suggestion that science or for that matter reason can solve or overcome even the most destructive elements of our time, has caused otherwise questioning individuals to allow others to ‘deal with whatever the problem might be.’ 

Unfortunately, those who claim to possess solutions are for the most part seekers of political position, regardless of the organizational structure involved. Their verbal claims are as separated from their knowledge or skill as darkness is from light. The more articulate and complicated their explanation of the problem, and their solution, the more impressed are those who will lose the most in the end. Like the pharmacist who seeks only to ease the symptom because he has not been taught how to approach the cause of the illness, these champions of false hope produce a society that will ultimately succumb to reality.

The problems we face are clearly described in the word of God. The cause is also plainly articulated. The solution is even more clearly defined. There are no alternate paths, no cheaper route, and no advanced formula. In a society that is speedily devolving, we seek only to discover the solution already provided by the Creator of the Universe.

Since its inception in 1989, TimeWatch Ministries has sought to serve the community at large with warnings designed to prepare for that great day of Christ’s return.  With increased frequency and power, the events of each day reveal the accuracy of Biblical prophecy, reinforcing the need to be ready: “for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Matthew 24: 44.

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